Anonymization of healthcare IDs and data on the ikioo blockchain

ikioo blockchain anonymization proprietary algorithms utilize state of the art multi-layered encryption in addition to a hybrid system of permissioned and permissionless blockchain to protect your medical, financial and health data linked to your personal identifiers.

Anonymized Digimetrics on Blockchain

Our ikioo blockchain anonymized digimetrics are based on our patented technology of creating your own digital genetic user profile that are decentralized, trusted, private, secure, verifiable, immutable with full ikioo user control and ownership.

The difference between real life biometrics and our ikioo blockchain digimetrics is that actual physical presence is required for verification while our ikioo anonymized blockchain digimetrics can be done remotely.

You can create your own digimetrics whenever, wherever you want, and no one controls or owns it but you!


Healthcare workforce is approximately 20% of overall US workforce. They have unfettered access to personal information on patients and doctors. Here is how anonymization with Nvizy on the ikioo blockchain can help!

Scrub your personal identifiers from your medical records and any healthcare-related documentation

After you or a third party upload your medical records, push the subscription-activated Nvizy button to anonymize your data on our blockchain.

Frictionless one-step registration at any participating doctor's office or healthcare facility

Generate an authenticated ID QR code to quickly register at participating HC facilities.

Pay your healthcare bills and receive notifications without giving away sensitive financial nor contact information.

Receive and pay healthcare bills anonymously without the need to share sensitive financial and personal information.

The Nvizy Coin

As a blockchain-based technology, the subscription-based premium services made available on Nvizy utilize the Nvizy coin cryptocurrency.

Earn rewards and capture appreciation value while protecting your important personal and healthcare data!

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